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The Church (LFCWW) at Faith Tabernacle has launched a new mobile app called the Medivator. It is an android based mobile app designed for the following purposes.


About The Medivator App

It is a Kingdom advancement initiative to support church growth, flock preservation and spiritual growth of the saints.

Medivator is the short for Meditation Motivator. This tool converts the Mobile handset, a major instrument of distraction, to a platform for spiritual empowerment. It accelerates the spiritual growth of the saint by inspiring him to MEDITATE in the Word more often until it becomes a lifestyle with the attendant benefits itemized in Joshua 1:8.


Benefits To The Church, Saints, And The Kingdom

1. Preserves the new converts / first timer from falling away.

2. Promotes church growth by enabling the altar to accompany and empower the saint, leading to stable and increasing membership.

3. Equips the new convert / first timer with ready resources to maximize the 3-month prophetic divine visitation for a turn-around.

4. Enables Leadership to transmit urgent and important information directly to the global membership in real time.

5. Redirects focus to the spiritual during daily activities and encourage spiritual engagement particularly during prayer and fasting seasons.

6. Delivers from destructive tendencies of the mainstream social media by making the saint more spiritually sensitive and more selective.

7. Provides an effective platform which the younger generation will find appealing.

8. Offers a compelling alternative to the destructive contents in the media space.

9. Depopulating the kingdom of darkness by reaching the lost where they spend most of their time (the social media), and empower them to make life-changing choices.

Important Features on the App

1. Audio messages

2. Video messages

3. Meditation Times

4. Live stream of all church services from Faith Tabernacle

5. Prayer request form

6. Service units registration form

7. Testimonies sharing form

8. Feedback plus so much more.

To this end, the resident pastors at various local assemblies are to propagate the awareness of the Medivator app to the local church membership. Currently, we have 53 countries represented on the platform. And we are still counting. Pastors are highly encouraged to download and use the App and then announce the use/benefits of same to the local church membership.

Click HERE to download the app!


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