I have come to return all the glory to the God of this great commission for his undeniable presence in the midst of his people.

Few months after our wedding, I became pregnant to the glory of God, but the devil raised his ugly head. During this period, I experience a lot of spiritual and emotional attack. A strange woman always fed me in my dreams which eventually led to my spiritual breakdown. I was gradually giving up on life when God sent a winner (Miss. Edith) my way. Through her I joined this commission and she also encouraged me to join the fruitful company which I did. My first meeting with the fruitful company was a confirmation that God is truly present here. The first prayer made by God’s servant Pastor Emmanuel Agi adequately addressed my situation and my dying faith jerked back to life. He blessed the communion and anointing oil for us and instructed that we partake of them regularly. This I did daily as I watched my spiritual strength restored. Today I am blessed with a beautiful baby whose delivery was like that of the Hebrew women.



I joined this commission about a month ago. In 2015, I lost my job after I went home to build a house. It had been said that in my family my father’s children will not amount to anything and as the last born of the family I was the only one to rise. When I went home to build a house, I gave an old woman money which was used against me, when I came back I received sudden hatred from everywhere including my place of work, and after the long run of service for 15 years, I was sacked. My wife drew me to this commission after everything went down, I saw the pastor and he prayed for me and then God began to do a new work in my life, the hatred was gone and people started to favour me. By the grace of God I will get a new job.


I want to thank God for His faithfulness and mercies towards my family. Since I got married, I have had no peace and it has been trouble everywhere. My husband was transferred from Kano to Lagos; he never allowed us visit him and he never attended church. I prayed fervently after having a terrible dream and everything was settled. Today I have a peaceful marriage and my husband attends Church.