When the chips are down, special forces are summoned to salvage the situation, make bold the vision and enforce the truth. These are the End Time Generals, chosen by God to proclaim His majesty even unto the heathen. And this divine mandate troop have displayed exceptionality in discharging their duties because they operate with The Manifold Wisdom of God (Eph 3: 10). We are the Winners Corpers and this is our mandate.

The Winners’ Corpers’ Fellowship, Kano is the gathering of champions, where visions are birthed, ordinaries are transformed into extraordinary and lives are set on the full course of fulfilling destinies. She has been an arrowhead for the move of God in this generation backed up with diverse testimonies and has remained a remarkable platform for offering quality worship to God.

This is where we see Youth Corp members from all the rich and diverse culture of this nation in togetherness hold with the unity of heart the true culture of Zion thereby making the heaven on earth experience a lifestyle. It is God’s factory for building people of power and praise.


We have the family house located on the ground floor of the Leedo building, directly opposite the Living Faith Church, Nomansland, Iroko Street, Kano.


Living Faith Church, old site, Nomansland, Kano.



Glorious service:: 8:15am - 9: 45 am


Bible Study:: 5:30pm – 7:00 pm


Prayer meeting:: 5:00pm – 6:00 pm